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There is nothing out there like this for caregivers of children with FASDs. Most trainings are either hopeless or centered around rewards and punishments. The Building Up! Workshop was unique in that it gives hope to our families that our child will be able to learn and grow in a positive way. Nate gets it!
— Angie (Parent)

If you’re like many parents of a child with an FASD, you know that traditional approaches do not work. You’ve tried rewards and punishments, timeouts, grounding, and every kind of therapy. You may feel as if professionals do not believe you regarding your child’s behaviors or high needs, because they can do well so much or the time; or you may have been told that there is nothing you can do to help them.

You’ve been waiting for something like the Building Up! Workshop, and we’re excited to meet you!

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February 12-13, 2019 — Salem, Oregon — Click here to sign up!

It's more than a workshop. 

You'll receive an extensive list of Cognitive Support™ Recommendations individualized for your child and immediate training on how to make it work in your home. (Professionals receive a extensive, general list of recommendations) We aren't offering magical solutions, but we do offer a framework that will allow you to keep problem-solving after the workshop. You'll also get access to our Facebook support group, where you can connect with others who have been through the workshop, get ideas, and offer support.

The Building Up! intensive workshop was amazing! We’ve been learning about FASD for a few years, and have read several helpful books and attended informative conferences. Building Up! was really different, bringing the best of these various resources together. Coupled with Nate Sheets’ experience, expertise, and obvious motivation to bring practical help to those with FASD (and those who love someone with FASD), we were sent home feeling equipped to help our child find success in life!
— Deborah (Parent)

Practical Strategies & Community

In addition to learning advanced strategies from Nate, you'll brainstorm with other parents and professionals, and get immediate help to apply the strategies to your life. In addition, parents get an extensive list of recommendations individualized for the person you are working with! No other workshop offers such practical tools.

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Cognitive Supports™

You already know that traditional ways of addressing behavior don't work for kids or adults with FASDs. Nate Sheets brings various approaches together and helps parents and professionals understand why our strategies must change. Cognitive Supports™ help parents understand how the FASD brain works differently, and gives parents the tools they need to effectively address behaviors. 


Advanced FASD Training

This is not FASD 101! This workshop is for parents, caregivers, and professionals who are looking to try non-traditional approaches that will work for FASD. We assume that people with FASD want to do well, but they do not have the tools to meet expectations without help. You will leave the workshop with practical strategies and a framework to continue to make progress well after the workshop. 

Cognitive Supports™ are not just about changing challenging behaviors. They are about understanding your child's brain, meeting them where they are, and giving them to tools to live their life happily and successfully. " — Nate Sheets

I liked the concrete ideas and specific feedback. The written individualized plan is a huge plus and a very useful resource to share with family back home.
— Kelly (Parent)

Early Bird Flex Special!

We plan on holding at least 1 workshop per month! If you take advantage of our special now, you will be able to choose any Building Up! workshop date in the next two years! If you don't use it after two years, we will refund your money.

Current Building Up! Workshop Dates

February 12-13, 2019; Salem, Oregon — Click here to sign up!

More workshops will be scheduled in Oregon. We are currently looking into taking this workshop on the road! If you are interested in helping us bring the workshop to your area, please fill out the form here. Please watch this page or contact us!

Who is Nate?

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Nate Sheets is an international Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders behavior consultant and trainer based in Salem, Oregon. Nate believes that people with FASDs can make progress, but need specific supports to do so. He is passionate about providing quality training to transform the lives of people with FASDs and their families. Nate has worked in the developmental disability field since 2008, and trains families, caregivers, and mental health workers about Cognitive Supports™ and FASDs.

Nate's Youtube videos about FASD are free to families and professionals all over the world. You can read more about Nate here.


What People Are Saying About the Building Up! Workshop!

I can’t begin to articulate how much we have already benefited from the information in this workshop! We finally have a starting point to address the most stressful parts of our day with our sons.
— Kaylee (Parent)
This is the training I’d been yearning for. It is a unique and highly informational workshop full of immediately applicable techniques. This workshop should be mandatory for foster parents, teachers, and pre-adoptive parents.
— Jody (Parent)
After hearing so many ‘experts’ define FASD in less hopeful ways, it is refreshing to feel hopeful about methods that can benefit the kids.
— Les (Professional)

February 12-13, 2019; Salem, Oregon — Click here to sign up!

Answered Questions...

Does my child need to have an FASD diagnosis? No. If you suspect your child was exposed to alcohol or drugs in utero, you are welcome to attend the workshop!

What if FASD is not a factor for my child? No problem! This workshop is FASD-focused, but if you believe our Cognitive Support™ approaches benefit your family, you are welcome to join us!


Where is the workshop held? The workshop is held in Salem, Oregon, 45 miles south of Portland.

What types of professionals would benefit from the workshop? We encourage all types of professionals interacting with the FASD population to attend. By seeing how families need to support their children, you will start to see how to more effectively provide supports in your interactions. Metal health professional are strongly encouraged to attend. Teachers, attorneys, school administrators, social workers, FASD organization staff, researchers, and anyone else interacting with the FASD population will receive practical ideas. 

Can an organization contract with OBC to conduct the workshop in another city? Absolutely! Organizations that do this receive extensive discounts. Please contact Nate here