Building Up! Workshop

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Building Up! Workshop

from 250.00

We understand that the cost of this workshop is high for many people. We will be offering scholarships and discounts based upon financial need soon! Payment plans can be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact us here.

Workshop Costs:

Parent/Caregiver: $550 (on sale from $650)

Additional Parent:$250 (on sale from $350)

Oregon DD and MH Professionals: $550 (on sale from $800)

Professional: $700 (on sale from $800)

Current Clients/Workshop Alumni: $250 (on sale from $350)

The Building Up! Workshop is what every parent and caregiver of a person with FASD has been waiting for. You understand that FASD impacts behaviors and that traditional strategies won’t work, but now what? The Building Up! Workshop will help you discover the answer! Have more than one parent who wants to attend? See our “additional parent and caregiver” section for a significant discount!

In addition to the workshop, participants receive:

  • An individualized Cognitive Support Recommendation list based on information you provide. (There will be about an hour’s worth of paperwork that you will need to complete prior to the workshop.)

  • Access to our Facebook support group. Continue to get ideas, connect with your friends, and support other families after the workshop

  • Discounts on all future public OBC-hosted in-person trainings, workshops, books, and webinars!

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