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Behavior Support Plans

Behavior Support Plans are extensive guides that usually work best for clients living in foster homes or group homes. They include potential factors that lead to challenging behaviors, as well as practical strategies for preventing and responding to these behaviors. Typically requires a Functional Assessment of Behavior. 

Functional Assessment of Behavior

A Functional Assessment of Behavior starts off with interviews of the people in an individual's life, who provide information related to the person's interests, behaviors, and goals. This information is then used for the consultant to make general recommendations based upon the potential reasons the behavior happens. Observations of behavior are part of this process.

Family Support Plans


Family Support Plans* are family-friendly behavior plans that are written with families in mind. They offer practical suggestions for families that proactively prevent behaviors, as well as steps to follow after a behavior occurs. Typically requires a Functional Assessment of Behavior. 

*These plans meet OAR requirements for a BSP. 

Behavior Tracking/Plan Adjustments

People change, and behavior changes. Ongoing behavior tracking and plan adjustments may be available. 


On-Going Consultation and Coaching

After a plan is created, we're just beginning! If needed, Nate will request additional funding for on-going consultation so that each month the plan and additional behaviors can be addressed. The number of these hours depend by county.