Consultation with Nate Sheets (Worldwide!)

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Consultation with Nate Sheets (Worldwide!)

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Nate offers private consultations with families over Skype/phone (in person in some Oregon locations or when travel is arranged). Nate’s hourly rate is going up in 2019, so stock up on hours now for only $100 per hour for parents! (Professional get a discount, too!) Consultation is done is 30- or 60-minute increments, and can be pre-scheduled or scheduled as-needed. You do not need to be placed on our wait list for this service!

Nate's schedule is very busy, and so immediate appointments may not always be available, though he will try his best to schedule quickly if needed. Consultations are considered proactive supports, and are not meant for crisis response or as behaviors are happening.

Nate will contact you via email before the first consultation to get an idea of what you need and provide you with a proposal for what to cover in the first consultation. Examples may be:

  • Problem-solving current behaviors and working toward solutions

  • Making a tangible plan to address behaviors

  • Helping re-frame current interpretations of behaviors so that new solutions can be explored

  • Helping professionals working with your child/client understand FASD and how services (e.g. therapy) could to be adapted for an FASD cognitive skills set, such as:

    • Mental health professionals, therapists

    • Caregivers/staff

    • Mentors

    • Teachers/school paraprofessionals

    • Attorneys

    • Law enforcement/probation and parole officers

  • Educating your child/client on FASD and what they can do to begin to make progress

If you are not the guardian of the child/adult you want consultation for, a Release of Information (ROI) must be signed. You can find a PDF of the ROI here. You cannot provide Nate any information (including name) until the release is signed, though you can purchase general consultation time.

Nate is a mandatory reporter. He is required to report any suspected abuse or neglect of children or vulnerable populations. Nate is not a trained mental health professional. You can read about his experience here.

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