Nate conducts several trainings and workshops. Host him in your area! For inquiries, please call 503-385-8447 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Trainings can be customized for parents, professionals, and foster providers. 

We would love to work with local government agencies to set up free trainings for families! We are willing to set up several local trainings in a region to help ease the cost. 

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For information about our 2-day, intensive FASD workshop, please go to

It's a Brain Thing: FASD Introduction and Cognitive Supports™

Length of Training/Workshop: 3 Hours to 8 Hours | Audience: Parents and Professionals (blended or separate)

An estimated 5% of children in the United States have a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and yet there is very little information available about how FASDs impacts a person’s brain and behaviors. Traditional parenting and behavioral strategies don’t work with FASD, and continual misunderstanding by family, friends, teachers, mental health professionals, and virtually all “systems” creates ongoing stress on everyone.

People with FASDs can learn and can be successful, but only if the people in their life know how to support them. We hope you will leave this training with increased empathy, renewed hope, and practical ideas that you can begin to use immediately!

This training covers basics about FASD, how to understand challenging behaviors, and how to provide basic Cognitive Supports™. Longer versions cover more skills and supports, and allow for question and answer time, and a workshop format.

Oregon Intervention System (OIS)

Please note: Nate is not currently organizing OIS classes. You can find the OIS calandar here.  

It’s a Brain Thing: Executive Functioning Skills

Length of Training/Workshop: 3 Hours to 5 Hours | Audience: Parents and Professionals

Our Executive Functioning system allows us to pay attention, resist impulses, regulate our emotions, and so much more! But many different people struggle with various executive functioning skills, which lead to difficulties in thinking, controlling behavior, and staying calm. Traditional parenting approaches and punishments don’t work for behaviors that are the result of not having a certain skill, so what does?

In this training, we’ll talk about our Executive Functioning skills, and get an idea of how not having certain skills impacts emotions, behaviors, schoolwork, and other aspects of life. We’ll see how easy it is to misinterpret behaviors as intentional and oppositional, when, really, they are the result of a brain-based executive functioning issue. We’ll give you practical tools that you’ll be able to use right away to help those in your life who strugg

le with their skills to be understood, supported, and successful.

This training is applicable to anyone with cognitive skill difficulties, regardless of the specific developmental disability or age. 

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