Nate conducts several trainings and workshops. Host him in your area! For inquiries, please call 503-385-8447 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Trainings can be customized for parents, professionals, and foster providers. 

We would love to work with local government agencies to set up free trainings for families! We are willing to set up several local trainings in a region to help ease the cost. 


Oregon Intervention System (OIS)

Please note: Nate is not currently organizing OIS classes. You can find the OIS calandar here


Cognitive Support for Executive Functioning Skills

This interactive training takes place in the brain of a child with Executive Functioning challenges! You will learn about the Executive Functioning system, the skills it helps us perform, and how to provide Cognitive Support to people who struggle with these skills. 

This training is applicable to anyone with cognitive skill difficulties, regardless of the specific developmental disability or age. 

We conduct workshops and trainings!






Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders--It's a Brain Thing

FASD is more prevalent than most people realize. This training covers understanding development, how alcohol affects the brain, as well as practical suggestions on how to address challenging behaviors in people experiencing FASD. 

We can offer this training at various lengths, and has been tailored for various audiences, including professionals and parents. 

The 2-hour training offers brief descriptions of FASD, challenging behaviors, and basic interventions. This training is good for parents and has worked well for weekday evenings.

The 3-4 hour training covers the content above, and allows us to explore the impacts of cognitive skill difficulties on nearly every single aspect of life. It covers the content of the Cognitive Support training on the right. 

The 6-8 hour workshops cover all of the content above, and includes printed tools and group work for participants to problem-solve, network, and receive support.  

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